The Sacred Windows Mission

The mission of Sacred Windows (website) is to inspire souls to look at the world with new eyes.

The Beauty, Truth, and Goodness of God are all around us. They are like stained glass windows in the grand cathedral of our world.

This mission is based on the idea that there is always something of the divine shining through these windows to raise our souls to a higher life.

Sacred Windows Vignettes

The purpose of this Sacred Windows Vignettes page is to offer our subscribers shorter glimpses into transcendent beauty. My goal is to publish small inspirational “vignettes” (rather than articles) a couple times each week so that there will always be new content whenever anyone comes to visit.

The subject matter will mostly touch on beautiful, striking, amazing, and inspiring things - to balance out the truly devastating and toxic culture we live in. These are the types of things you are likely to see on the Sacred Windows Vignettes page:

  • short videos

  • insights into the most inspiring art

  • stunning views of architecture

  • quotes, anecdotes, and (very) short stories

  • awesome nature scenes, and…

  • …a bit of humor mixed in.

I hope you will experience the joy of Christ every time you view a vignette!

Nota Bene

Although I publish several new vignettes on this forum every week, I will only send out one email every other week (alternating Sundays with the Sacred Windows Newsletter). I don’t want to clutter up your inbox with my emails!

The email will bring you to this page, but, of course, you can visit this page any time you like. (Basically, go to Substack and type in Sacred Windows, and you’ll get here.) You will see all other postings of the week on the page, which you can peruse as you see fit.

Substack has a paid subscription function, but I don’t use it. My content is free for all.

A worthy goal

I hope this page can be an “oasis” of sorts or a mini spiritual retreat every week. My goal is to spiritually uplift your souls each time you visit.

Thanks for being part of the Sacred Windows project and family.

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Peter Darcy

Peter Darcy is a Catholic writer whose passion is educating others about the power of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. He is the creator of the award-winning spirituality website, Sacred Windows. Please visit his bookstore to browse his publications.